Frequently asked questions

General Information

Understanding Blog Marketing as a mere SEO tool would be too simple. The optimization in the SERP (Search Engine Page Rank) certainly is a very positive side effect of Blog Marketing but the consideration of blogs in your strategy aiming at improving your visibility, brand awareness, brand equity and reputation is worth far more in the long term. An successful Blog Marketing capaign incorporates all of these factors and creates a yin-yin situation for publishers, advertiser and ultimately readers.

Advertisers are partners at blogmission who want to run successful link building and advertisings. Publishers are partners at blogmission who want to market their online-magazines and blogs successfully. Partners at blogmission can also be both, advertisers and publishers. The distinction in the registration process only exists to create classifications internally.

No, the registration as partner at blogmission is free, no matter if you choose to be an advertiser and/or publisher.

Advertisers (companies, SEOs, agencies)

Blog marketing has become one of the most efficient strategies within the online marketing mix. Blogs are read by millions of readers because of their existing reach and network. Blog Marketing allows you to make a content go viral and achieve long lasting effect. Place your content(s) on relevant blogs in your field of expertise or niches and by reaching out to influencers and opinion leaders. Thus, you also improve your search engine ranking. blogmission is the perfect blogger outreach tool for advertisers and an excellent content source for publishers.

For Blog Marketing and/or content marketing on blogmission involves only high-quality articles with verified blogs(blog articles). These texts are published for a one time payment in blogs and you can enhance this content with pictures and videos.

On the blogmission marketplace, you will be able to access a database of blogs and online magazines in different topics, on which you can publish editorial contents. Registered bloggers explicitly list their blogs and online magazines for this purpose but require the content to be attractive, adding value to their blog for their readers. Blunt and unattractive contents are not popular and often being rejected.

The prices that a publisher determines for the publication of a post are shown in the marketplace. The prices represent single prices per post. There are no constant or monthly costs for you.

The marketplace offers several possibilities, to look for and find adequate blogs for your selected topics. You can find a category overview, a keyword selection, the scale of prices and other options. Moreover, you can select the topic that you want your post to be placed in. After that all, the adequate blogs will be listed for you. There are additionally availabe metrics, which are relevant for the search engine and which will give you further evaluation of the selected blogs. On the other hand, you can also create a campaign to promote your needs. That way, bloggers have the possibility to respond to you directly. When there is an appropriate offer, you just have to select the blog.

First, you need to credit your account. After that, you can make a booking request to the publisher, because it thus allows us to guarantee the payment to the blogger. Crediting your account is easy on your personal account.

The minimum credit amounts to at least 100 Euros plus 19% tax. There are no limits upwards. If you choose to do so via Paypal, your account will be credited instantly. If you choose to transfer from a bank account you will have to wait until your payment is received and processed.

Your credit will be put on a so-called transaction account, which is interest free. Only as soon as you successfully complete the booking, we will transfer the payment to the publisher and get our share (commission).

The rule is that the post remains online as long as the blog is as well. Booked content is entirely part of the content of the blog. Of course, we are not “immune” to bloggers who stop blogging at some point or sell their blogs to third parties, who, of course, can change the content of the blog. As an advertiser, you should be aware of these risks. Similar to an advertisement campaign which is temporally limited, a publication can also expire. However, we strive towards accompanying the development of blogs and publisher on blogmission and become aware of possible anomalies.

A campaign allows you to specify a budget and a description for a particular order. Afterwards your campaign will be listed on the overview and every publisher that matches with your campaign will automatically receive an e-mail. When this is done, the publishers can apply for your campaign with their blogs and you select an adequate blog. This is easy, efficient and works quickly. You can always see the prices of the blogs who have applied to your campaign. As soon as an order has been completed successfully the amounts will be automatically withdrawn from your budget.

Publishers (bloggers, publishers, authors)

You probably take serious interest in monetizing solutions for your blog, otherwise you probably wouldn’t read this. If your blog has qualitative content and you attach importance to it, we consider it to be perfectly normal to be willing to make money with it.

You probably receive whole lot of different demands for your blog from all sides, whether it concerns a link exchange or a publication of content including links. However, the cases in which you are sure to receive the promised compensation are must be rare and you ask yourself whether or not the advertiser can be trusted. You might even lack resources allowing you to be able to judge if the proposal represents a fair deal or not and tools to take you through the whole process. blogmission acts as a central marketplace where you can monetize your blog anonymously. We bring supply and demand together and take over the payment process. The whole process is anonymous for all concerned participants until the booking is completed.

Advertisers can commission the following types of content through blogmission: Advertorials, PR releases, infographics, surveys, competition campaigns and many more! Not every booking request has to be accepted. Take time to look at your booking requests and decide for yourself. Optionally, you can even state a reason for declining.

Fair and safe conditions represent a prerequisite. We bring advertisers and publishers together based on key figures and attributes and excluding any information about the owner and the domain name. The person making the booking (advertiser) is interested in your blog because of your topic and key metrics including the search engine relevance. These details are shown on the marketplace. The name of your blog will not be stated to the advertiser. Your personal name will never be stated to an advertiser. For that reason the advertiser never knows, if your blog is marketed by yourself or an agency. The advertiser only gets to know your name after you have confirmed a booking request. A booking REQUEST is mandatory for the advertiser. The process continues once you have accepted to request.

You can earn money at blogmission by offering your texting service, or publishing written texts by third parties (advertisers) once you approve the contents beforehead.

You decide whether you want to accept or reject an order – you have no obligations at blogmission. It’s up to you to manage all the procedures and available contents. You set up a singular price for the placing of a post (post/blog post) and we handle the payment process for you.

Your sales depend on the overall blog quality and the relevant topics you would like to write about, and of course, on demands of the market. Nevertheless, bloggers that work professional and sustainable will be in great demand.

Your blog, your pricing strategy. You can decide either to publish posts via blogmission at a high frequency with lower pricing or less posts but at a higher price and spend more time on content quality. Just check out the marketplace and compare your metrics to the one of similar blogs in your category. Keep in mind what time and effort you’ll put into it e.g. if you decide to publish only posts you’ll write yourself.

Technically speaking, blogmission doesn’t cost you anything, because we earn money only when you do as well. It is a performance-based service. You will always be on the safe side. We will pay you 70% of your income and only keep 30% commission expense.

Of course it is! We work with a prepaid method charging the transaction account from which all of the bookings will be paid. This way, we can assure you a aguaranteed payment after each booking. There is o need to wait long and handle the process by yourself.

As soon as your credit exceeds 0,01 Euros, you can instruct blogmission to request a payment. We always transfer your credits on the 1st and on the 15th of each month.

In general, we say as long as the blog exists. If you disagree, you run the risk of loosing trust from the advertiser. Moreover you would loose valuable content by deleting the blog post. Please also check our GTCs and try to keep your blog always available.

If you meet all the relevant blog requirements, you can submit an application. If you are then accepted by the advertiser, the submission is obligatory and you are compelled to complete the process. Before the advertisers agree, they will be informed about your blog’s name. After the confirmation, the booking process is equal to a singular booking procedure on the marketplace.